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With Dr. Wang Zhong, Editor in Chief of "Art", the most influential art magazine in China.


With Dr. Xu Yonglin, Editor in Chief of "Chinese Art", the second most influential art magazines in China.


With (from left to right) the famous Korean-Japanese painter Gentan Ezen, the famous art critic and curator Li Xianting, the well-known art critic and curator Zhao Shulin.


With (from left, clockwise) Chinese painters Zhong Tianbing, JiXiaofeng, Zhao Mengge, Chen Huohuo and Miss. Zhang Meng.


With (from left) the Editor in Chief of "Art" and the journalist Si Wanfang of the prestigious magazine "Beijing Tatler".


With the famous Chinese artist and critic Zhang Runshi.


With the famous Korean-Japanese painter Gentan Ezen and some of his friends.


With (far left) Dr.Hu Chunhua, Director of "Today China" French edition and Canadian journalist, Ms. Louise Cadieux.


The famous Korean painter Shen Xuanzao presenting Marco one of his paintings.


With the well-known Chinese painter Qin Bailan.


The Chinese calligrapher Fan Jinchun presenting Marco one of his works.


With (from left ) Film Directors Jiang Nanyan and Li Hong.


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